Welcome to the home of lovingly hand-shaped, hand-painted, 100% Aussie surfboards.

About us


Robyn WrenBlue Wren Surf is a surfboard manufacturing business specialising in high quality, custom ladies’ boards, decorated with unique artworks.

Robyn Wren, who has been a teacher and artist for 15 years, is a passionate surfer, with extensive experience in the surfing industry. After 18 years surfing, Robyn saw an unmet need for specialised ladies equipment to be designed and trialled by ladies, so she began to shape her own, and Blue Wren Surf was born.

Robyn's business partner Roger is a master craftsman with an eye for detail, who has turned his fine carpentry and furniture making skills towards shaping, glassing and fixing surfboards.

Her boards have quickly become popular with  female surfers as they are specially shaped to suit women’s needs. Blue Wren Surf products are truly special, and unique.

Robyn uses techniques like gorgeous glassed fabrics, hand painting, imbedded chakra crystals and imprints. You can choose from a portfolio or give your own ideas, sketches or photos to Robyn and she'll create a unique artwork on your custom board. Board shapes will be carefully designed to be the most practical, fun and easy to ride.

A Blue Wren Surfboard will resonate pride, femininity, beauty, freedom, fun, individuality, courage and uniqueness as well as being durable and practical.

Robyn at work