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We will custom make artwork, and any board from cute scale models to 10' 4". Larger boards, tandem and paddle boards, and any weird promotional board inquiries are most welcome. Click on any of the images to see more detail.

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Morning Of The Earth - original $POA

Morning Of The Earth Surfboards

Two unique retro Morning of the Earth boards fish and single fin, produced for the Live M.O.T.E. concerts. Signed by Albert Falzon. Price on application. 0428 435 307. Or visit www.morningoftheearth.com

Crescent Head Surf Sunset - original $3500,  board with print $900

Crescent Head Surf Sunset

This beautiful painting was exhibited at the fabulous 2008 Crescent Head Malibu Classic Surf Art Exhibition. Malibu riders enjoy the long ride from the point, tucking in to hollowing overhead waves. A shortboarder arcs a lay back cutty as his mate launches some air off the shore break. A border of beautiful Australian wild flowers compliment the colours in the sunset. Signed limited edition canvas prints are available mounted on 6 foot Art boards ($390) or surfables. Glass on decals also available.

Harvest Moon Low Tide - original $3600,  board with print $1000

Harvest moon low tide

This stunning landscape was inspired by the beauty around the Port Macquarie coastline. It depicts many colourful surfing characters that have been waiting for the turn of the tide on a full moon. The tide is low and the waves are hollow. Four different breaks peel along the three headlands, with malibus and shortboards flicking about on the waves. The deck has gorgeous tropical fish on the tail. This is a fabric print I've cut out and glassed over. Very original! View full board specifications and prices

Rainbows at Scotts Head --SOLD--

Rainbows at Scotts Head

This painting has been very popular, especially with the locals. It was exhibited at the 2008 Scotts Head Art Show. A thunder cloud passes over the headland revealing a double rainbow in the hanging mists. Malibu and shortboarders enjoy the waves. These characters are real locals with their cars in the carpark and surfing their favourite boards, doing their signature manoeuvrers. Look closely- you may be in there! Two colourful rainbows (lorrikeets) fly off and two perch on a tree branch, one playfully nipping her mate's foot as he hangs upside down. 4 dolphins surf a set behind a female mal rider. Custom landscape orders (with you, the family and your friends in the picture) are welcome.

Rainforest Malibu


Exquisite fine painting of the sub tropical rainforests of the mid north coast of NSW, depicting a proud male regent bowerbird in his bower, with a cheeky female peeking in. A friendly red belly black snake sleeps harmlessly close by as an azure kingfisher successfully dives for a freshwater fish. A lizard basks on the rocks, undisturbed by the call of a pair of iridescent crimson rosellas above on a vine. The orientation of the artwork highlights the height of the rainforest. Bangalow palms reach for the canopy. A birds nest and staghorn fern take hold in an old tree, which is enveloped by a strangler fig. View full board specifications and prices

Evolution --SOLD-- made to order


This board is my micro-mal design called 'Evolution'. It is the perfect board for a beginner, but heaps of fun for any level. This board is designed to catch many waves easily, help you get successfully to your feet and be able to fit in any car- it's just under 7 foot. It'll do you proud even when your ability progresses. Sporting the trademark feathers, it also features deck and bottom stripes of pretty fabric. Stripe is available in different patterns and sizes miniature to 10'6". View full board specifications and prices

Parrot's View

Parrot's view

I know she's gorgeous, but don't just hang it on the wall. This one is a mini-mal that is designed to be surfed by a beginner- intermediate. Artwork features a semi impressionistic point break and bay between two cliffs where a surfer in a combi has set camp, ready for a solitary surf. A kangaroo watches from the hill as a humpback whale breaches. A new pair of rainbow lorikeets inspect their new nesting site. The fins are really cute, blending in to the landscape, with a treehopper bird and lizard. On the deck is a cute little variegated fairy wren. View full board specifications and prices

Red-capped Robins

Red capped robins

Another hand painted original symbolising freedom and new beginnings. This hybrid features a pair of giant orange lacewings fluttering about a little tree where a cute marsupial hides at the tree root's hollow. A male red-capped robin watches curiously and the female flies above, carrying some grasses to build their nest. A perfect board to progress to, as it has a performance tail. Built wider and longer for more stability than regular shortboards. Tough gloss coat for extra strength. View full board specifications and prices

Floral border

Floral border

A subtle Blue Wren design. Posca pen border of flowers and vine with the character Surfer Chick near the nose. Feathers and two hibiscus flowers on the bottom. Cute. Similar design features as Red-capped Robins. View full board specifications and prices

Big Boy Hybrid --SOLD-- made to order

Big Boy hybrid

This is an even more bomb proof version of Red-capped Robins. I've made it from denser foam with a thick, 10mm T-Band stringer for extra strength. To top it off we've also gloss coated it. The design is a black pin stripe border with a school of marble patterned fish. View full board specifications and prices

Dragon Fish - made to order (this one has joined my quiver!)

Dragon Fish

This semi-fish has a small butterfly and real feathers on the tail deck and a mid sized, painted dragon on the bottom. Fairly low rocker- I think she'll fly. View full board specifications and prices

Spirit board

Spirit board

I have carefully selected pairs of chakra enhancing crystals to give you a balanced healing as you paddle! On the deck is a hand-painted Earth and a radiating chakra rainbow. On the bottom is a posca-pen dragon with green glass eye. Gloss coated to enhance its shine and durability. This one is really special. View full board specifications and prices

Elegance --SOLD-- made to order


This board was made for my girlfriends who wanted to join the Blue Wren Surf test team but couldn't surf, or nose dived a beauty when they dropped into a wave. I haven't seen anyone nose dive it yet, which means more confidence and more success. It's very comfortable to lie on and so easy to balance. It's a V to concave V bottom, with performance tail so she'll turn well too. With the heavy rocker for repelling nose dives the compromise results in not a being classic nose rider. The golden, burgundy and green deck and bottom is exquisite, imported fabric featuring elegant cranes in an oriental theme. View full board specifications and prices

Pyramid Pegasus and Spirit Dolphins --SOLD--

Pyramid Pegasus and Spirit dolphins

A second hand painted board from Hawaii. Theme- The greater universe, with famous nebula, planets, crystal power and ocean. 7'6" Only $450.

Glitter butterfly

Glitter butterfly

This pre-tested board is for the intermediate surfer who wants to spin!
Glitter Butterfly loves steep waves, verticals, 360s and tight flicks. The compromise is less planing and an extra paddle to drop in. Artwork is a floral / leaf border on a wrap around mauve-pink deck, with a big glitter enbedded Ulysses butterfly. The bottom is a beautiful psychedelic marble fabric in blues and purples, complementing the board and the ocean. The fabric does give extra strength, but she's heavier than regular shortboards. Sharp tail rails and overall banana rocker make her wild. View full board specifications and prices