Welcome to the home of lovingly hand-shaped, hand-painted, 100% Aussie surfboards.



Repairs from $20!    

Usually 24 hour service!! -yes it's unheard of, but WE do it.

We can pick up your board, hire you a replacement so you dont miss a wave, and have the board back to you the next day. We mend snaps, restore old faithfuls, and can colour / pattern match with pigments or paint. Colour matching and pick ups are extra of course.

So dont compromise your board's structural integrity by bogging a ding with wax or 'sealing' it with tape. Salt water will attack your foam and your poor board will die a premature death.
Give it some love and give us a call. "

"This was the fastest and most invisible repair job I’ve ever had done!"
Albert Falzon – Film Maker of Morning of the Earth

Albert also comments on the quality of the boards and the artwork:
"They are totally original. The artwork is so organic and natural. Blue Wren Surf boards are so tuned into the natural energies of the planet, and subtly effect people in a beautiful, positive way. Looking at it from a metaphysical perspective everything has an energy field, so to own one of these boards contributes to your well being and radiates that beautiful energy into the planet, reminding people of what is really important."